Civility Code

This blog is intended as a means to disseminate ideas and foster debate on overlooked, under-reported and often controversial issues and events. There is typically a high caliber of discussion maintained by readers/commenters for which I am quite proud. With this in mind, and in the spirit of free speech, remarks are not removed simply because I may disagree with or otherwise find offensive an individual’s expressed views.

However, under no circumstances will profanity or insulting behavior be tolerated here. Along these lines, while I have many responsibilities and cannot realistically monitor or respond to each comment post, I will remove those that seek to abuse their access and “poison the well” for other discussants.

Because of the nature of much of the content, there will be trolls present from time to time in the comments sections. Readers and comment participants are encouraged to politely overlook or bring to my attention (winstonsmith [at] the persistent activity of such entities where appropriate.

-James F. Tracy